Are you in pursuit of a new jewelry piece, only to find each one falls slightly short of your vision? It can be quite frustrating, right? Well, that’s where custom made might offer the ideal solution.

So, when does custom-made* become appealing to you?

  • You often find jewelry that’s almost what you want, and you know (exactly) what changes you’d like to do.
  • You possess a unique idea (even a first one), but lack the means to bring it to life on your own.
  • You crave a truly distinctive, personal jewelry piece—whether it’s for yourself or as a heartfelt gift.
  • You’ve got old, forgotten gold lying around, and you dream of turning it into a new, radiant treasure.

Of course, there could be more reasons beyond these. Do you sense that custom made could bring a genuine smile to your face? I’m here to assist. While each request is singular, the overall process follows a similar route for everyone:

  1. Get in touch via the contact form
  2. Engage in a discussion with me about your desires, timelines, and perhaps even a budget cap
  3. Receive an emailed quote
  4. Give the green light to the quote through email
  5. Make the payment
  6. Once the payment is received, I’ll personally craft your jewelry by hand
  7. Your piece is completed, elegantly packaged, and ready to dazzle you!


The expenses vary based on your specifications, the intricacy of your design, and prevailing market rates for precious metals and gemstones. Custom work embarks on a personalized journey, starting at €500.


On average, the turnaround time for custom work ranges from 2 to 5 weeks after payment is received. If you want your custom piece faster, let’s work together to make it happen.

Feel free to reach out!

"I asked Soraya if she could create two identical wishbone rings for me and my best friend. She was immediately enthusiastic, outlining all the possibilities clearly. She then went on to craft the rings, resulting in something truly beautiful. I was confident from the start that this would be the case, as her talents speak for themselves. Soraya, thank you for the excellent service and the abundant attention you devoted to my order."


  • Only 14k+ old gold is suitable for custom work. To determine its viability, I can test its authenticity in advance. Moreover, not all designs can be realized with old gold. Together we discuss your desires and explore the possibilities 🙂
  • When you provide your old gold, the cost of the necessary precious metals will be adjusted accordingly. However, it’s essential to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean a significant reduction in price. Custom work is a personal and labor-intensive process, and its cost reflects that.
  • Custom work isn’t covered by the standard return policy, given that the piece has been tailored uniquely for you.
  • For straightforward designs, I might be able to create pieces for under €500. Don’t hesitate to reach out for details and options.