Revive Your Gold: Craft Your Story Anew

Do you have gold jewelry you no longer enjoy wearing? Or heirlooms that don’t align with your style, gathering dust? Let’s melt them down and transform them into a beautiful new piece. Old gold with sentimental value, reimagined. It could be a design you’ve seen before at Soraya Veldhuizen Jewelry, or we can create something custom and uniquely yours together.

How It Works:

Opting for custom work might mean using your own gold. I’ll melt it down and repurpose it for your new piece. This is feasible only with real gold, preferably 14k or 18k. However, not all pieces are suitable for melting.

If you provide gold, I’ll test it beforehand to ensure it’s genuine (not gold plated or gold filled) and usable. It’ll be weighed and factored into the required precious metals. If you don’t have enough gold for an entire new piece, I’ll incorporate additional new-recycled gold.


Starts at: €250 

Adding extra precious metals and/or gemstones depends on the current market prices.

Using your own gold falls under custom work. While it reduces the needed precious metals, remelting gold requires substantial work, making it a labor-intensive task. 

In short, bringing your own gold isn’t a budget option. It’s more about sustainability (reusing gold) and/or the emotional value of your gold. The final costs vary based on individual preferences. You’ll receive a quote upfront for clarity.

Before I create your piece, you’ll provide approval via email. A 50% deposit invoice follows, and once received, I’ll lovingly craft your jewelry with care and attention.