Crafting delicate reminders of your inner strength

Welcome to my world, where every piece of jewelry is a journey through life’s moments – those that anchor us in health and happiness. It was within these moments that I found my path, transitioning my career into the art of goldsmithing. A new passion ignited from this life changing decision.

These treasured moments, the ones we yearn to hold onto forever, are the ones I seek to make tangible in my jewelry. My intention is to craft a piece of jewelry that will make you smile and shine, tailored to your style, your essence.

Each piece can hold a tale of:

  • the strength that defines you
  • the profound transformation into motherhood
  • the bold decision to carve your unique path
  • the celebration of reaching your dreams
  • the lasting legacy of loved ones who’ve passed

Envision these stories seamlessly woven into my creations. Opt to enrich them through my calligraphy – an extra layer of personalization for selected pieces. To add a touch of enchantment, let me calligraph your love note. 

For me, these are not just jewelry; they are handcrafted treasures, commemorating life’s extraordinary moments.

Connecting the dots

Embarking on a diverse journey, my background weaves together an academic foundation in Pedagogical Sciences and Social & Cultural Anthropology with over a decade as a Communication Advisor & Product Owner in the corporate realm. In 2016, I started my business as freelance calligraphy.

Born in Seoul (South Korea) and raised in Amsterdam amid cultural diversity, my identity took root. Since 2021, I’ve called Almere home, where I live with Kaj and our 4-year-old son, Julan.

Transitioning into goldsmithing, is a journey fueled by heart.